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2020 “...THEN YOU CAME ALONG...” (book) how an accidental encounter can 

     shape the course of one’s life.

2019 "WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?" (book) Reply to a letter unwritten.

     Thoughts on what was about to be. Before the end. In this book I go 

     deeper into the themes and questions that take my intereest in

     everyday life.

2016 “BURNOUT” (magazine#3) A 50 day, 50 nights Diary, 50 days 

     of night, 50 nights of darkness, 50 nights of artificial light


2015 “BANALITé BELGE” (magazine#2) Is about those things that

     we Belgians experience as normal, mundane, part of the everyday life,

     and which I consider to be an interesting aspect of our culture and 



2015 “MéTRO-BOULOT-DODO” (magazine#1) A French expression referring

     to the loss of consciousness during the daily routine and tasks. Work, 

     commuting, sleeping, eating and the same thing all over again. I have

     always been fascinated by this phenomenon.    



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