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I am Ilja.

Based in Ghent, Belgium. 

Working in project & production of art & culture. 

Discovering and exploring the world around me whenever I can.



My subjects tend to be ongoing and continuously evolving.

Some might result in an EXHIBITION, PUBLICATION or a BOOK. 

 ​I enjoy adapting to every new creative challenge.



"ON THE ROAD" @ Photographic Exploration Project, Berlin Photo Week, Germany (Group, 2019)

"ABSORPTION"@ PDP Media Coference, Serbia with a series from the book "Where do we go from here?"(Group, 2019)

"LENS OP DE MENS" festival, exhibition at Neerpelt, Belgium (Group, 2019)

Kyiv International Photo Book Festival selection (Group, 2019)

"DWARS" exhibition of the book "Where do we go from here" Ghent, Belgium (Groiup, 2019)

"Athens Photo Festival" Athens, Greece shortlisted (Group, 2019)

"LANDSCAPE" Fotonale Brugge, Belgium​ (Group, 2018)

"TRAVELERSExhibition at the Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece​ (Group, 2018)

"DEI NUOVI CONFINI DELLA FOTOGRAFIANew boundaries of photography exhibition at Milano Photo Week, Italy​ (Group,2017) "Nocturnal" honourable mention and selection @ PH21 Gallery Budapest, Hungary (Group, 2017)

"NOSTALGIA" The nostalgic value of images, exhibited at "More is More" Sint-Niklaas, Belgium​ (Group, 2017) 

PLAY” Print at the Fotonale Exhibition Brugge, Belgium (Group, 2017) 

"IN MY NATURE" photos from this series were exhibited at “Land Van Fotografie” The series examines the

 relationship between man and nature in the New Human Age. The images show humans in interaction with nature. An indirect, unthoughtful, subjective relationship with nature. Nature is always there, unnoticed. We always leave a trail, very noticeable. Unconsciously altering what previously existed. It is an attempt to put the observer in another perspective and to create a different sense of connectivity. (Group, 2017)

"Echo's uit de wijk" guerilla street exposition in the streets of Ghent (Group, 2016)

"Métro-Boulot-Dodo" @ De Pastorij, Ghent Dampoort (Group, 2015)


A5 Magazine Issue #36 publication collages from "Where do we go from here?"

PEP Photographic Exploration Project webpage (2019)

PDP Media Conference Serbia XI "Absorption", Second prize with a series from the book "Where do we go from here?" (2019)

DEI NUOVI CONFINI DELLA FOTOGRAFIA,@ Milono Photo Week, print(2017)

"LET IT SNOW" publication @ RAW Street Photograpy​ (2017)

SHOOT MAGAZINE #56 A series about “Street Life” published in the June edition of Shoot magazine (2017)

 EISA MAESTRO 1st Belgian prize (European competition) Awarded the first Belgian prize and shortlisted for the European part of the “Eisa Maestro” competition with a series of 8 photos (2017) 

"Nocturnal" exhibition, honourable mention @ PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

WORLD STREET PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK #4 Shortlisted for the World Street Photography book #4 (2016)

And quite a few catalogues and smaller prints...


"WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?" Reply to a letter unwritten (2019)

BURNOUT” (self-published book) a 50 nights Diary which resulted in a printed photo magazine/book(2016)

 BANALITé BELGE” (self-published magazine) Is about those things that we Belgians experience as normal, mundane, part of the everyday life, and which I consider to be an interesting aspect of our culture and identity (2015)

MéTRO-BOULOT-DODO” (self-published)A French expression referring to the loss of consciousness during the daily routine and tasks. Work, commuting, sleeping, eating and the same thing all over again. I have always been fascinated by this phenomenon (2015)




Suggestive, impulsive, fragmented, frequently focused on people and social themes. A calculated coincidence and an unconditional commitment to the moment unites most of my work. My creative journey quickly evolved into a means of self-reflection & expression. Driven by curiosity, inspired by people and their environment. Photography allows me to get closer, to dissect the structures around me into comprehensive stories and perspectives. This view from a different angle pushing me to discover and reflect, draws me in and keeps me passionate.



Some examples of personal exhibitions, work, publications, art productions, ...

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